The Best Sleeping Bag for Camping  

The focus of sleeping bags designed for car camping or tent camping is on comfort. While bags made for hiking are weight-conscious. What to look for when buying sleeping bags:

What is the best temperature rating?

Temperature rating is the temperature below which a sleeping bag will keep a person comfortable. If a sleeping bag is described as “20 degrees bag”, it means that the majority of people are likely to be able to remain warm if temperatures do not drop lower than 20degF. Read more now on The Best Sleeping Bags for Warm Weather Camping: Lightweight and Breathable Picks 

This rating is based upon the fact that sleepers are wearing long underwear, and that they use a sleeping mat with their bag. Manufacturers have different ratings for temperature. Please use these ratings only as a general guide.

There are other factors that affect the warmth of your sleeping bag.

Sleeping on a pad or an air mattress will add warmth to your bed, as you are not directly lying on the floor.

The tent will warm you by around 10 degrees.

The clothing you choose to wear within the sleeping bag can also make a big difference. You can insulate yourself by sleeping in underwear that is long and with clean socks. Wearing a stocking cap can help keep your hearing intact.

The rule of thumb for temperature rating is:

Temperature rating for Summer Season is +35 degrees or higher
Temperature rating for 3-Season Bag is +10 to+35 degrees
Cold Weather Bags are rated from -10 to 10 degrees.
Temperature rating for Winter/Extreme Bag is -10°C and below

The majority of family tent camping packs are rectangular to provide maximum comfort. Two bags can be zipped together, if the zippers are compatible. This creates a double-sized bed. For maximum comfort, this configuration works well with a queen sized air mattress.

The bags in mummy shape are usually used when backpacking. These bags are more lightweight, and they keep the body warmer. Mummy sleeping bags can feel too restrictive for some.

A semi-rectangular bag offers a compromise between the rectangular shape and the mummy shape. This bag type offers more space than a Mummy Bag and is lighter and smaller than a Rectangular bag.

There are three different sizes of sleeping bags: Junior (or Child size), Standard, and Extra Long. Even though small children can fit in junior sleeping bags, standard-sized bags will allow them to grow as needed without having to purchase a bigger bag. If it is cold outside, you may want to add some items to the bag at the bottom. These include water bottles and clothes.

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